Morteza Esmaeilpour Research Interests

Morteza Esmaeilpour

Post-Doctoral Associate

Mailing Address
Morteza Esmaeilpour
Geothermal Energy & Geofluids
Institute of Geophysics
NO F 61.1
Sonneggstrasse 5
CH-8092 Zurich Switzerland

Phone +41 44 633 2751
Email emorteza(at)
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Dominique Ballarin Dolfin
Phone +41 44 632 3465
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Research Interests

My research centers on the numerical modeling of non-isothermal complex fluid mixtures within diverse geothermal systems, ranging from simple shallow reservoirs to advanced geothermal systems (AGS). As part of my postdoctoral work, I am engaged in developing a software tool for the techno-economic analysis of geothermal systems. This tool, TANGO (Techno-economic ANalysis of Geoenergy Operations), facilitates rapid and precise modeling and coupling of both subsurface reservoirs and surface-level power plants. Additionally, it integrates economic calculations and optimization processes, enabling the comprehensive evaluation and comparison of energy costs for various geothermal systems.