AEGIS-CH Overview



Innosuisse PFFS-21-48
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Starting Date

1st of June 2022

Main Goals

Decarbonizing Energy Supply
Avoiding / Minizing Import of Electricity
Providing Autarkic, Decentralized, Dispatachable, Baseload Thermal & Electric Power


AEGIS-CH is an Innosuisse Flagship project with the aim to improve the resilience of the Swiss energy system through the development and integration of Advanced Geothermal Systems (AGS). AGS, consisting of closed-loop wells without any hydraulic stimulation, have the potential to provide decarbonized, domestic and decentralized heat and electric power. This enables firming up an increasingly solar/wind (and thus largely only intermittently available) Swiss energy supply system, supporting the Swiss Energy Transition Strategy (SETS) 2050 as well as UN Sustainable Development Goals. Together with our academic and industry partners, new technology is developed to construct closed-loop AGS and the potential of AGS is explored in the context of the optimal energy mix. This integrated concept leads to essential AGS developments, energy policy recommendations for Switzerland and new energy business models.

Refereed Publications of GEG-Group

Beckers, K. F. , N. Rangel Jurado, H. Chandrasekar, A. J. Hawkins, P. M. Fulton, and J. W. Tester, Techno-Economic Performance of Closed-Loop Geothermal Systems for Heat Production and Electricity Generation, Geothermics, 2022. [Download PDF]

Malek, A.E , B.M. Adams , E. Rossi , H.O. Schiegg, and M.O. Saar , Techno-economic analysis of Advanced Geothermal Systems (AGS), Renewable Energy, 2022. [Download PDF]

N. Rangel Jurado Thermal Performance Evaluations of Fractured and Closed-Loop Geothermal Reservoirs, 2021. MSc Thesis, 2021.

AEGIS-CH includes both a Swiss-wide “I. Energy System Analysis” and “II. AGS Development”.
Left: Illustration of a potential (future) Switzerland’s energy supply system (SESS) landscape, where small red dots (many, small plants) represent the novel deep closed-loop systems, firming up the Swiss power supply while omitting any potential fossil-fueled power plants (in the shown case);
Right: Schematics of AGS illustrating the concept of a deep, closed loop advanced geothermal system (AGS) for local supply of dispatchable, baseload thermal and electric power.


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