Friedemann Samrock Research Interests Content

Research Interests

My research is focused on geophysical subsurface imaging for geothermal exploration. I am especially interested in the application of natural-source electromagnetic methods such as magnetotellurics (MT).
Aside from fully 3-D subsurface characterization using MT I am developing new concepts for interdisciplinary geothermal play-type-oriented exploration by integrating geophysical, geological, geochemical, and petrological observables.
Currently I am leading geothermal exploration projects in volcanic settings in Ethiopia and in non-volcanic settings in Mongolia. In Switzerland we conduct feasibility studies to investigate the possibilities of MT in high-noise electromagnetic environments.
Another of my research objectives is using drones for geomagnetic mapping and thermographic imaging with applications for UXO detection in collaboration with armasuisse and volcano monitoring in collaboration with with GFZ and ÍSOR in Iceland.

  • Interdisciplinary play-type-oriented geothermal exploration
  • 3-D magnetotelluric subsurface imaging
  • Field investigations
  • Numerical modeling and inversion
  • Geothermal reservoir charaterisation
  • Airborne geomagnetic mapping and thermography