GEG Courses

GEG Courses


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651-4240-00L Geofluids (MSc)

This course presents advanced topics of single/multiphase fluid flow, heat transfer, reactive transport, and geochemical reactions in the subsurface. Emphasis is on the understanding of the underlying governing equations of each physical and chemical process, and their relevance to applications, e.g., groundwater management, geothermal energy, CO2 storage, waste disposal, and oil/gas production.

651-3508-00L Hydrogeology (BSc)

The course offers an introduction to Hydrogeology:

  • Why is groundwater so important to us?
  • How does one extract groundwater?
  • How can the distribution and movement of groundwater be characterised?

651-4180-03L Integrated Earth Systems III (BSc)

The course Integrated Earth Systems III addresses geological resources (georesources) from an integrative perspective. The course covers three interacting focus themes:

  • non-metallic mineral resources (aggregates, cement raw materials, hydrocarbons)
  • geothermal resources (geothermal energy)
  • metallic mineral resources (ores)

651-4087-00L Case Studies I in Exploration and Environmental Geophysics (MSc)

Integrated geophysical investigations; applications of exploration seismic; applications of high-resolution seismic, ground-penetrating radar, magnetic, gravity, electromagnetic, geoelectric and nuclear-magnetic resonance methods; case studies.

651-4109-00L Geothermal Energy (MSc)

The course will introduce students to the general principles of Geothermics and is suitable for students who have a basic knowledge of Geoscience or Environmental Science (equivalent of a Bachelor degree).

651-5104-00L Deep Electromagnetic Sounding of the Earth and Planetary Interiors (MSc)

The course guides students in learning about phenomenon of the electromagnetic induction in the Earth and other terrestrial planets. The course focuses on studying fundamentals of electromagnetism as well as on analysis and interpretation of long-period time-varying EM fields observed on the ground and in space, which are used to image electrical conductivity in the Earth and planetary interiors.

651-3581-00L Geophysical Field Lab (BSc)

The geophysical field lab is a hands-on introduction into several methods of geophysical prospecting.
After a day of introduction, eight techniques are explored in half-day field experiments: Active Seismic, seismic noise measurements, gravimetrie, geomagnetics, geoelectrics and geothermal measurements.


651-4023-00L Groundwater (MSc)

The course provides an introduction into quantitative analysis of groundwater flow and solute transport. It is focussed on understanding, formulating, and solving groundwater flow and solute transport problems.

651-0032-00L Geology und Petrography (BSc)

This course gives an overview of the basic concepts of geology and petrography and shows some links to the application of these concepts.

651-3543-00L Geophysik I (BSc)

Die Lehrveranstaltung vermittelt Allgemeine Kenntnisse in Seismologie.

651-3507-00L Introduction to Oceanography and Hydrogeology (BSc)

This course is designed to provide an introduction to hydrogeology and oceanography for all Earth Science students at ETH. It provides an overview of the physical controls on water flow in streams, aquifers, and the oceans. It also deals with the basics of groundwater chemistry, biogeochemical cycling in the oceans, the role of the oceans as carbon reservoirs and their dynamic redox state.