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Hau, K.P., Feasibility of a CO2 Plume Geothermal (CPG) Pilot at the Aquistore (Canada) CCS site, MSc Thesis, 60 pp., 2020. [View Abstract]The concept of utilizing the omnipresent greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide (CO2), at su- percritical conditions in so-called CO2 Plume Geothermal (CPG) systems is a promising concept to counteract the acceleration of climate change. Large-scale CPG systems have the potential to provide a reliable, economical, and carbon neutral (or even carbon negative) energy source to the world’s growing energy demand. This study investigates the feasibility of implementing a CPG pilot test at the Aqui- store CO2 sequestration site in Canada, one of the world’s first commercial-scale CO2 capture and (geologic) storage (CCS) operations. In doing so, this feasibility study re- views the consequences of adding CPG operations to the existing CCS operations at Aquistore. A crucial aspect towards succesfully implementing CPG power generation is to ensure continued CO2 production, i.e. minimize the amount of back-produced liquid (here brine). In fact, for successful CPG (pilot test) operations, it is essential to increase the CO2-brine-ratio over time, starting from when fluid production commences. By performing reservoir simulations with a simplified model of the site, we are investi- gating the reservoir’s response to different injection and production rates. In the course of these investigations, the reservoir and well saturation of CO2 is calculated. Finally the expected flow regime in the production well is estimated with the method of (Ezekiel et al. 2020).