Martin Saar Supervision and Mentoring Content

Supervision and Mentoring

Current at ETH-Zürich, Switzerland

2015 Jan.- Dominique Ballarin Office, Computer System, and Intra+Internet Administrator
2015 Jan.- Dr. Xiang-Zhao Kong Senior Researcher (OA): Experiments, pore-scale models
2015 June- Dr. Keith Evans Senior Researcher (~OA): Field / Deep Mine Investigations
2015 March- Dr. Friedemann Samrock Postdoc, Magnetotellurics (MT) and other field geophysics
2015 May- Dr. Nagasree Garapati Postdoc , Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, W. Virginia U.
2015 Sep.- Dr. Allan Leal Postdoc, Ph.D. in Reaction Modeling, Imperial College, UK
2015 May- Anniina Kittilä Ph.D. Student in Enhanced Geothermal System Investigation
2015 July- Claudia Deuber M.S. Student in Enhanced Geothermal System Investigation
2015 July- Neeraj Shah M.S. Student in Geothermal System Exploration Geophysics
2015 Dec- Nils Knornschild Laboratoy and Field Technician (50%, other 50% with SSCER)
2015-present SCCER-SoE Co-supervision of Swiss Competence Center on Energy Research – Supply of Electricity (SCCER – SoE) personnel which focuses on 1) Geothermal Energy, 2) geologic CO2 storage.

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