Project EXPO Group


Principal Investigator
Dr. Maren Brehme, ETH Zürich
Start date:

Exploration and Operation of Geothermal Systems – A Research Group supported by Energi Simulation

Geothermal energy is a key contributor to the successful energy transition worldwide as part of mitigating climate change. In order to utilize this resource, a massive extension of geothermal energy use is needed. Given these ambitious expansion plans, there is an urgent need for geothermal expert understanding of geothermal systems. Through the funding by Energi Simulation, Maren Brehme will establish a research group of 12-15 young excellent scientists at ETH Zürich-Institute of Geophysics-GEG-Group.

The Energi Simulation Group for Geothermal Exploration and Operation will focus on three Strategic Research Areas: 1) Geothermal Systems Understanding, 2) Effective Utilization of Systems, and 3) System Response to Utilization. The approach to tackle these research areas include field work, laboratory measurements, and numerical simulations and will make use of geological, geophysical, hydrogeochemical, and hydrogeological methods. Real-scale and real-time data will be obtained in geothermal fields from wells, the power plant infrastructure, hot springs, or surface outcrops.

                    Inauguration of the EXPO group at ETH Zürich