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Ma, J., L. Querci, B. Hattendorf, M.O. Saar, and X.-Z. Kong Towards a spatio-temporal understanding of dolomite dissolution in sandstone by CO2-enriched brine circulation Environmental Science & Technology, 2019. Download

Kittilä, A., M.R. Jalali, K.F. Evans, M. Willmann, M.O. Saar, and X.-Z. Kong Field Comparison of DNA-Labeled Nanoparticle and Solute Tracer Transport in a Fractured Crystalline Rock Water Resources Research, 2019. Download

Lima, M.M., D. Vogler, L. Querci, C. Madonna, B. Hattendorf, M.O. Saar, and X.-Z. Kong Thermally driven fracture aperture variation in naturally fractured granites Geothermal Energy Journal, 7/1, pp. 1-28, 2019. Download

Ahkami, M., T. Roesgen, M.O. Saar, and X.-Z. Kong High-resolution temporo-ensemble PIV to resolve pore-scale flow in 3D-printed fractured porous media Transport in Porous Media, 129/2, pp. 467-483, 2019. Download

Romano, E., J. Jimenez-Martinez, A. Parmigiani, X.-Z. Kong, and I. Battiato Contribution of Pore-Scale Approach to Macroscale Geofluids Modelling in Porous Media Geofluids, 2019, 2019. Download

Parmigiani, A., P.R. Di Palma, S. Leclaire, F. Habib, and X.-Z. Kong Characterization of transport-enhanced phase separation in porous media using a lattice-Boltzmann method Geofluids, 2019, 2019. Download

Kong, X.-Z., C. Deuber, A. Kittilä, M. Somogyvari, G. Mikutis, P. Bayer, W.J. Stark, and M.O. Saar Tomographic reservoir imaging with DNA-labeled silica nanotracers: The first field validation Environmental Science &Technology, 52/23, pp. 13681-13689, 2018. Download

Xia, T., E. Dontsov, Z. Chen, F. Zhang, and X.-Z. Kong Fluid Flow in Unconventional Gas Reservoirs Geofluids, 2018, 2018. Download

Ma, Y., X. -Z. Kong, A. Scheuermann, S. A. Galindo-Torres, D. Bringemeier, and L. Li Microbubble transport in water-saturated porous media Water Resources Research, 51/6, pp. 4359-4373, 2015. Download

Galindo-Torres, S.A., T. Molebatsi, X.Z. Kong, A. Scheuermann, D. Bringemeier, and L. Li Scaling solutions for connectivity and conductivity of continuous random networks Physical Review E, Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics, 92/4, pp. 041001, 2015. Download

Tutolo, B.M., X.-Z. Kong, W.E. Seyfried Jr., and M.O. Saar High performance reactive transport simulations examining the effects of thermal, hydraulic, and chemical (THC) gradients on fluid injectivity at carbonate CCUS reservoir scales International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 39, pp. 285-301, 2015. Download

Tutolo, B.M., A.J. Luhmann, X.-Z. Kong, M.O. Saar, and W.E. Seyfried Jr. CO2 sequestration in feldspar-rich sandstone: Coupled evolution of fluid chemistry, mineral reaction rates, and hydrogeochemical properties Geochimica Et Cosmochimica Acta, 160, pp. 132-154, 2015. Download

Ma, Y., A. Scheuermann, D. Bringemeier, X.-Z. Kong, and L. Li Size distribution measurement for densely binding bubbles via image analysis Experiments in Fluids, 55/1860, 2014. Download

Tutolo, B.M., A.J. Luhmann, X.-Z. Kong, M.O. Saar, and W.E. Seyfried Jr. Experimental observation of permeability changes in dolomite at CO2 sequestration conditions Environmental Science and Technology, 48/4, pp. 2445-2452, 2014. Download

Luhmann, A.J., X.-Z. Kong, B.M. Tutolo, N. Garapati, B.C. Bagley, M.O. Saar, and W.E. Seyfried Jr. Experimental dissolution of dolomite by CO2-charged brine at 100oC and 150 bar: Evolution of porosity, permeability, and reactive surface area Chemical Geology, 380, pp. 145-160, 2014. Download

Tutolo, B.M., X.-Z. Kong, W.E. Seyfried Jr., and M.O. Saar Internal consistency in aqueous geochemical data revisited: Applications to the aluminum system Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 133, pp. 216-234, 2014. Download

Kong, X.-Z., and M.O. Saar DBCreate: A SUPCRT92-based program for producing EQ3/6, TOUGHREACT, and GWB thermodynamic databases at user-defined T and P Computers and Geosciences, 51, pp. 415-417, 2013. Download

Kong, X.-Z., and M.O. Saar Numerical study of the effects of permeability heterogeneity on density-driven convective mixing during CO2 dissolution storage Int. J. Greenhouse Gas Control, 19, pp. 160-173, 2013. Download

Luhmann, A.J., X.-Z. Kong, B.M. Tutolo, K. Ding, M.O. Saar, and W.E. Seyfried Jr. Permeability reduction produced by grain reorganization and accumulation of exsolved CO2 during geologic carbon sequestration: A new CO2 trapping mechanism Environmental Science and Technlogy, 47/1, pp. 242-251, 2013. Download

Kong, X.-Z., M. Holzner, F. Stauffer, and W. Kinzelbach Time-resolved 3D visualization of air injection in a liquidsaturated refractive-index-matched porous medium Exp. Fluids, 50, pp. 1659-1670, 2011. Download

Kong, X.-Z., W. Kinzelbach, and F. Stauffer Compaction and size segregation in a liquid-saturated grain packing due to pulsation effect during air injection Chem.Eng.Sci., 65, pp. 2680-2688, 2010. Download

Kong, X.-Z., W. Kinzelbach, and F. Stauffer Morphodynamics during air injection into water-saturated movable spherical granulates Chem.Eng.Sci., 65, pp. 4652-4660, 2010. Download

Kong, X.-Z., W. Kinzelbach, and F. Stauffer Migration of air channels: an instability of air flow in mobile saturated porous media Chem.Eng.Sci., 64, pp. 1528-1535, 2009. Download

Stauffer, F., X.-Z. Kong, and W. Kinzelbach A stochastic model for air injection into saturated porous media Water Resour, 32, pp. 1180-1186, 2009. Download

Wang, W.-J., X.-Z. Kong, and Z.-G. Zhu Friction and relative energy dissipation in sheared granular materials Phys.Rev. E, 75/041302, 2007. Download

Kong, X.-Z., M.-B. Hu, Q.-S. Wu, and Y.-H. Wu Kinetic energy sandpile model for conical sandpile development by evolving rivers Phys. Lett A, 348, pp. 77-81, 2006. Download

Kong, X.-Z., M.-B. Hu, Q.-S. Wu, and Y.-H. Wu Effects of bottleneck on granular convection cells and segregation Granular Matter, 8, pp. 119-124, 2006. Download

Kong, X.-Z., M.-B. Hu, Q.-S. Wu, and Y.-H. Wu Effects of vibration frequency on intruders’ position in granular bed Phys. Lett A, 356, pp. 267-271, 2006. Download

Hu, M.-B., Q.-S. Wu, X.-Z. Kong, and Y.-H. Wu Discharge oscillation of particles from a vertical Pipe with capillary outlet Chinese Science Bulletin, 50, pp. 1076-1078, 2005. Download

Kong, X.-Z., M.-B. Hu, Q.-S. Wu, and Y.-H. Wu Ring-like size segregation in vibrated cylinder with a bottleneck Phys. Lett A, 341, pp. 278-284, 2005. Download

Hu, M.-B., X.-Z. Kong, Q.-S. Wu, and Y.-H. Wu Granular segregation in a multi-bottleneck container: Mobility effect Int. J. Mod. Phys. B, 19, pp. 1793-1800, 2005. Download

Hu, M.-B., X.-Z. Kong, Q.-S. Wu, and Y.-H. Wu Effects of container geometry on granular segregation pattern Chinese Physics, 14, pp. 1793-1800, 2005. Download

Hu, M.-B., X.-Z. Kong, Q.-S. Wu, and Z.-G. Zhu Experimental study of energy absorption properties of granular materials under low frequency vibrations Int. J. Mod. Phys. B., 18, pp. 2708-2712, 2004. Download

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Lima, M.M., P. Schädle, D. Vogler, M.O. Saar, and X.-Z. Kong Impact of Effective Normal Stress on Capillary Pressure in a Single Natural Fracture , European Geothermal Congress 2019, pp. 1-9, 2019.

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Kong, X.-Z. Experimental investigation of air injection in saturated unconsolidated porous media, Dissertation, ETH Zurich, 128 pp., 2010. Download

Kong, X.-Z. Investigation on some dynamical characteristics of granular material, MSc Thesis, University of Science and Technology of China, 60 pp., 2006.