Jasper de Reus

Jasper de Reus

Project Manager Geothermal Energy and Geofluids

Mailing Address
Jasper de Reus
Geothermal Energy & Geofluids
Institute of Geophysics
NO F 61.1
Sonneggstrasse 5
CH-8092 Zurich Switzerland

Phone +41 44 633 2751
Email adereus(at)ethz.ch
LinkedIn Link

Dominique Ballarin Dolfin
Phone +41 44 632 3465
Email ballarin(at)ethz.ch

Research Interests

Bridging academia and industry, my goal is to develop and deploy new geothermal technologies (CO2 Plume Geothermal and Advanced Geothermal Systems) by accelerating integrated consortium projects that are required to make this happen


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