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Dr. Anozie Ebigbo

Senior Research Assistant


Mailing Address
Dr. Anozie Ebigbo
Geothermal Energy & Geofluids
Institute of Geophysics
NO F 57
Sonneggstrasse 5
CH-8092 Zurich Switzerland

Phone +41 44 632 08 13
Email ebigbo(at)

Dominique Ballarin Dolfin
Phone +41 44 632 3465
Email ballarin(at)


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Schädle, P., P. Zulian, D. Vogler, S. Bhopalam R., M.G.C. Nestola, A. Ebigbo, R. Krause, and M.O. Saar 3D non-conforming mesh model for flow in fractured porous media using Lagrange multipliers Computers & Geosciences, 132, pp. 42-55, 2019. Download

Cunningham, A. B., H. Class, A. Ebigbo, R. Gerlach, A. J. Phillips, and J. Hommel Field-scale modeling of microbially induced calcite precipitation Computational Geosciences, 23/2, pp. 399-414, 2019. Download

Hobé, A., D. Vogler, M.P. Seybold, A. Ebigbo, R.R. Settgast, and M.O. Saar Estimating Fluid Flow Rates through Fracture Networks using Combinatorial Optimization Advances in Water Resources, 122, pp. 85-97, 2018. Download

Büsing, H., C. Vogt, A. Ebigbo, and N. Kitzsch Numerical study on CO2 leakage detection using electrical streaming potential data Water Resour. Res, 53, pp. 1-15, 2017. Download

Niederau, J., A. Ebigbo, G. Marquart, J. Arnold, and C. Clauser On the impact of spatially heterogenous permeability on free convection in the Perth Basin, Australia Geothermics, 66, pp. 119-133, 2017. Download

Qin, C.-Z., S.M. Hassanizadeh, and A. Ebigbo Pore-scale network modeling of microbially induced calcium carbonate precipitation: Insight into scale dependence of biogeochemical reaction rates Water Resources Research/52, 2016. Download

Ebigbo, A., P.A. Lang, A. Paluszny, and R.W. Zimmerman Inclusion-based effective medium models for the permeability of a 3D fractured rock mass Transport in Porous Media, 113/1, pp. 137-158, 2016. Download

Ebigbo, A., J. Niederau, G. Marquart, I. Dini, M. Thorwart, W. Rabbel, R. Pechnig, R. Bertani, and C. Clauser Influence of depth, temperature, and structure of a crustal heat source on the geothermal reservoirs of Tuscany: numerical modelling and sensitivity study Geothermal Energy, 4/5, 2016. Download

Seidler, R., K. Padalkina, H.M. Buecker, A. Ebigbo, M. Herty, G. Marquart, and J. Niederau Optimal experimental design for reservoir property estimates in geothermal exploration Computational Geomechanics, 20/375, 2016. Download

Hommel, J., E. Lauchnor, R. Gerlach, A.B. Cunningham, A. Ebigbo, R. Helmig, and H. Class Investigating the influence of the initial biomass distribution and injection strategies on biofilm- mediated calcite precipitation in porous media Transport in Porous Media, 2015. Download

Hommel, J., E. Lauchnor, A. Phillips, R. Gerlach, A.B. Cunningham, R. Helmig, A. Ebigbo, and H. Class A revised model for microbially induced calcite precipitation: Improvements and new insights based on recent experiments Water Resources Research, 51/5, pp. 3695-3715, 2015. Download

Ebigbo, A., F. Golfier, and M. Quintard A coupled, pore-scale model for methanogenic microbial activity in underground hydrogen storage Advances in Water Resources, 61, pp. 74-85, 2013. Download

Lange, T., M. Sauter, M. Heitfeld, K. Schetelig, K. Brosig, W. Jahnke, A. Kissinger, R. Helmig, A. Ebigbo, and H. Class Hydraulic fracturing in unconventional gas reservoirs: risks in the geological system, part 1 Environmental Earth Sciences, 70/8, pp. 3839-3853, 2013. Download

Kissinger, A., R. Helmig, A. Ebigbo, H. Class, T. Lange, M. Sauter, M. Heitfeld, J. Klünker, and W. Jahnke Hydraulic fracturing in unconventional gas reservoirs: risks in the geological system, part 2 Environmental Earth Sciences, 70/8, pp. 3855-3873, 2013. Download

Cunningham, A.B., E. Lauchnor, J. Eldring, E. Esposito, A.C. Mitchell, R. Gerlach, A.J. Phillips, A. Ebigbo, and L.H. Spangler Abandoned well CO2 leakage mitigation using biologically induced mineralization: current progress and future directions Greenhouse Gases: Science & Technology, 3, pp. 40-49, 2013. Download

Helmig, R., B. Flemisch, M. Wolff, A. Ebigbo, and H. Class Model coupling for multiphase flow in porous media Advances in Water Resources, 51/7, pp. 52-66, 2013. Download

Ebigbo, A., A. Phillips, R. Gerlach, R. Helmig, A.B. Cunningham, and H. Class Darcy-scale modeling of microbially induced carbonate mineral precipitation in sand columns Water Resources Research, 48/7, W07519, 2012. Download

Skjaelaaen, I., A. Ebigbo, M. Espedal, and R. Helmig A model for transport of hydrogen sulfide in oil- and water-saturated porous media Computing and Visualization in Science, 13/6, pp. 265-273, 2010. Download

Ebigbo, A., R. Helmig, A.B. Cunningham, H. Class, and R. Gerlach Modelling biofilm growth in the presence of carbon dioxide and water flow in the subsurface Advances in Water Resources, 33/7, pp. 762-781, 2010. Download

van Noorden, T.L., I.S. Pop, A. Ebigbo, and R. Helmig An upscaled model for biofilm growth in a thin strip Water Resources Research, 46/6, W06505, 2010. Download

Class, H., A. Ebigbo, R Helmig, H.K. Dahle, J.M. Nordbotten, M.A. Celia, P. Audigane, M. Darcis, J. Ennis-King, and Y. Fan A benchmark study on problems related to CO2 storage in geologic formations Computational Geosciences, 13/4, Sp. Iss. SI, pp. 409-434, 2009. Download

Kopp, A., A. Ebigbo, A. Bielinski, H. Class, and R. Helmig Numerical simulation of temperature changes caused by CO2 injection in geological reservoirs AAPG Studies in Geology, 59/26, pp. 439-456, 2009. Download

Ebigbo, A., H. Class, and R. Helmig CO2 leakage through an abandoned well: problem- oriented benchmarks Computational Geosciences, 11/2, pp. 103-115, 2007. Download

Class, H., A. Bielinski, R. Helmig, A. Kopp, and A. Ebigbo Numerical simulation of CO2 storage in geological formations Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 78/4, pp. 445-452, 2006. Download

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Hommel, J., A. Ebigbo, R. Gerlach, A. B. Cunningham, R. Helmig, and H. Class Finding a Balance between Accuracy and Effort For Modeling Biomineralization , Energy Procedia, 97, pp. 379-386, 2016. Download

Hommel, J., A. B. Cunningham, R. Helmig, A. Ebigbo, and H. Class Numerical Investigation of Microbially Induced Calcite Precipitation as a Leakage Mitigation Technology , Energy Procedia, 40, pp. 392-397, 2013. Download

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Ebigbo, A. Modelling of biofilm growth and its influence on CO2 and water (two-phase) flow in porous media, Dissertation, University of Stuttgart, 131 pp., 2009. Download

Ebigbo, A. Thermal Effects of Carbon Dioxide Sequestration in the Subsurface. Diplomarbeit, Institut für Wasserbau, MSc Thesis, University of Stuttgart, 57 pp., 2005.