Daniel Birdsell Research Interests

Dr. Daniel Birdsell

Post-Doctoral Associate


Mailing Address
Dr. Daniel Birdsell
Geothermal Energy & Geofluids
Institute of Geophysics
NO F 61
Sonneggstrasse 5
CH-8092 Zurich Switzerland

Phone +41 44 632 4710
Email danielbi(at)ethz.ch
Dominique Ballarin Dolfin
Phone +41 44 632 3465
Email ballarin(at)ethz.ch


Research Interests

My research focuses on safely and economically storing heat underground for use in wintertime district heating. To correctly and efficiently account for the relevant physics (subsurface flow, heat transfer, and geomechanics), numerical models must include site-specific geology, account for coupled thermo-poroelasticity, and take advantage of high-performance computing.