Philipp Schaedle Content

Research Interests

Numerical modeling of flow and transport processes in porous and fractured-porous media.

The main motivation for my research is to increase our understanding and improve the description of:

  • CO2-based geothermal systems and geological CO2 storage in porous and fractured-porous reservoirs,
  • enhanced geothermal systems.


Research Projects

Principal Investigator

Prof. Martin O. Saar, ETH Zurich

Co-Principal Investigator
Dr. Jimmy B. Randolph, UMN, USA
Dr. Thomas H. Kuehn, UMN, USA
Dr. Jeffrey M. Bielicki, UMN, USA
Dr. Steven J. Taff, UMN, USA
Dr. Nagasree Garapati
Dr. Benjamin M Adams, University of Minnesota
Start date

1 September 2012


NSF Sustainable Energy Pathways Funding Nr SEP-1230691


Prof. Martin O. Saar, ETH Zurich